Abba Geebz and WHYit meet the birthday Keiki and walk around and engage with guests talking story & telling jokes.

With parents personal phones, Abba Geebz and WHYit will stop and takes pictures/videos with individual kids.

Abba Geebz and WHYit will stand/sit next to the birthday star and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and help blow out the candles and present the special birthday Keiki with a Dinosaur Swag Bag Gift.

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Abba Geebz and WHYit meet the birthday Keiki and walk around and engage with guests talking story & telling jokes PLUS Birthday Keiki interview video.  Parents tell Abba Geebz a bit about the special birthday Keiki and video WHYit interviewing/talking with the Keiki 🙂

With parents personal phones, Abba Geebz and WHYit will stop and takes pictures/videos.  ALSO Abba Geebz will take a special family picture of each guest but LOOK OUT because a Trex will try to eat you!

Not only will WHYit and Abba Geebz sing happy birthday and present the birthday star a special gift but will hand out dino party favors to the guests!

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The TREX PACKAGE combines everything form the Stegosaurus and Raptor packages.

Every family at the event will get a DIGITAL dino photobomb (high resolution). Then look out………..RUUUUUUN!! Abba Geebz will shoot a custom Party Dino Stampede where animated Dinosaurs will be added to the video to make everyone instant movie starts!

This is one of the most fun parts of the package.  The birthday keiki gets to star in a short semi-scripted video saving their family from impending doom from an attacking TREX!

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Party Details & FAQ’s

Abba Geebz and WHYit can go anywhere to bring the smiles to your special birthday celebration.  However, before you select which package to reserve there is one very important detail that has to do with the location of your party.

In order to do the Family Dino Picture and the Stampede and special Keiki Superhero video there has to be a sizable backyard or outside location to use.

If you choose to reserve either the Raptor or Trex package Abba Geebz will asses your location to see that he can do the production to his and your satisfaction.

The number of Keiki on the packages are a base line.  If you have more than 25 Keiki showing up Abba Geebz is super flexible.  Just let him know and adjustments can be made 🙂

When Abba Geebz arrives and walks out with WHYit the clock starts but there is a good chance that Abba Geebz will run a bit longer than the allotted time.  But if so no worries beef curry!  Abba Geebz wants the best experience for your celebration, time and money – NO EXTRA CHARGE!

This is as Abba Geebz and WHYit walk around entertaining, parents can stop and take pictures of video of their children with their own cameras/smartphone.

In both the Raptor and TREX pack the birthday child will get some special time with Abba Geebz and WHYit telling jokes and talking story while the parent videos the interaction.

Abba Geebz will use the parents smartphone and position each family for a photo and out of nowhere a giant TREX will come out of nowhere and photobomb you!

Abba Geebz will position the family and take a high resolution photo on his own camera the got to his dino studio and add a massive digital fearsome Trex or Indominus Rex.  Then the photo will be loaded into a folder into the cloud and the and an email will be sent to the party host that can be sent out to families to retrieve their custom photo.

Much like the high resolution dinosaur picture, Abba Geebz will position and direct the action in this CGI video stampede.  The video will be shot by Abba Geebz, transfered to the Dino Studio, CGI dinosaurs will be added.  When the video is done it will be dropped in the same folder as mentioned in the Digital Dino Family Pic.

Abba Geebz LOVES this one.  He will take the birthday star and direct a special video of he/she either protecting everyone from a TREX attack or walking along side CGI dinosaurs and be the KING OF JURASSIC VALLEY.  The video will be edited at the Dino Studio and delivered via online storage dilivery system (DropBox or YouSendIt).

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