Abba Geebz and his dinosaurs are ready to bring the Jurassic attention to your special event especially with the power of social media.  Whatever your event, be it a grand opening, expo, convention, or even mall performance, visual performances like Abba Geebz that engage one-on-one with your audience are of the hottest digital branding moments for your event.

One of the most powerful performances for Abba Geebz and his Dinos is the walk-around.  As Abba Geebz walks around your event with one of his Dinos in tow, all the kids stop to engage and take pictures, TONS OF PICTURES, then into the powerful world of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many other social media sites.

Abba Geebz also offers staged performances for your venue.  These performances require a stage and venue supplied PA but, the rest is in the hands of Abba Geebz and his Dinos; literally.  This includes multiple Dinos up on stage performing appropriate material.  CONTACT Abba Geebz to see how his performances with his Dinos can make your special event magical and most of all, memorable!

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