“Being cool FREE, acting cool will cost you.”

Yes, that’s how you spell it.  Why?  Because WHYit is very inquisitive.  As a young Raptor he sees the new world filled with “Hoomans” abundant with possibilities.  WHYit specializes in divergent thinking – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

One of the caricature highlights of WHYit is the ability to bring on confidence and power when talking to children by saying “It’s OK to ask why”.  WHYit also has a “laugh at yourself” sense of humor which comes in handy for building self confidence.

Brandon Terror-Dactyl
“Hey, I’m Woyk’n Here!”

Ah yes, the protector of all – the Anti Bully.  Brandon Terror-Dactyl is a tough Pterodactyl Dinosaur.  He went through a lot in his upbringing where he had to fend for himself giving him the courage and confidence he needed to move forward.

Picked on as a kiddy-dactyl, Brandon learned the hard way that he had to protect himself while at the same time be kind to those who had similar challenges.  He’s a strong personality that shows the kids that it’s okay to fall, it’s okay to fail but you always get back up and either try again or try a n new path.

Bodi “Kamakaonaona” Brontosaurus 
“Malma Kokina, Malama Aina”

Super large in real life, Bodi is soft/lite spoken but has a heavy message; “We need to take care of the land and take care of our selves”.  He talks about how the two subject matters are as one.

His message about Malama Aina (take care of the land so that the land will take care of you), is about current world issues around waist and trash.  In real life he can see above it all and helps kids recognize the simple things that can be done to make the earth happy again. Kamakaonaona will be ready for the kids in fall 2019.

Terry Parasaurolophus 
“It’s cool dude, we’ll work it out”

Terry has a powerful story.  Terry was born with a genetic challenge that left him a paraplegic.  Ever since he was little he had to have other family and friends help him get around and that is what Abba Geebz does.

With a great smile and “cool dude attitude”, Terry goes around and talks about all the great things he can do, but even better, teaches the kids that there is always a way to get things done and that there’s someone who always loves you and will help you out!