There’s always a back-story to why people do what they do.  For Abba Geebz, one of the most memorable moments in his life was when a performer came to his elementary school and did a puppet show entitled, You are UNSTOPPABLE.

“To this day I can remember the energy, the lesson they taught, but most of all, felt included in the lesson which meant a lot to me as a skinny little kid who got picked on” says Abba Geebz.

Many children are looking for moments of being included in something, especially those who have much more to deal with than we can imagine.  Through his school performances, Abba Geebz creates moments in time that hope to bring all the children into a creative thinking environment rich, with possibilities.

So where does the desire to to build confidence in children come from? FROM EXPERIENCE!  Abba Geebz was the victim of bullying and even ended up in an emergency room once because of it.  But turn the lemon experience into lemon aid, and there you have it – spreading his #1 message to all the kids: “BEING cool is free, ACTING cool will cost you!”

As a team, Abba Geebz and Brandon Terror-Dactyl deliver a message about bullying from both sides.  Without vilifying the bully in the presentation, the message is delivered that the building of self confidence can do wonders for both the bullied and the bully.

As a motivational speaker/entertainer, Abba Geebz has many different ways that he and his Dino Buddies can work together with elementary school children to build everything from social skills, communication skills, teamwork skills and self confidence.  CONTACT Abba Geebz to work with your school program to customize messaging to the desired age/grade of your students.