Kelly Hu Abba Geebz

Friend/Actress Kelly Hu and Abba Geebz at Best Buddies event 2018

Without a doubt, Abba Geebz’s commitment to bringing Aloha and smiles to the children who have medical or emotional challenges is what this is all about.  “I feel so blessed to get the opportunity to spread the love and joy to children and know that when I see them smile, that for that moment and that memory, it will always release healing energy and make the day a little bit better for all”  says Abba Geebz.

Throughout Abba Geebz nonprofit life, he has been associated with many nonprofits such as Elks Lodge Honolulu, Palama Settlement, Love Hugs (Surf4Hugs), Make’em Smile Honolulu, as well as serving hospitals like Kapiolani Childrens Hospital, Kaisers Honolulu, Shriner’s Honolulu, Kulana Malama, and many more.

If you would like Abba Geebz to drop by your hospital, long/short term care clinic, nonprofit center to spread joy, laughter and Aloha, please don’t hesitate to reach out for availabilaty.  He can do causal room-to-room walk-arounds to custom scripted performance visits with multiple Dinos.

Some Positive Vibes 🙂

We are proud to support Abba Geebz mission to go to children’s hospitals throughout Hawaii and the continental U.S. to bring laughter, cheer and joy with his visits, which include the art of ventriloquism.

Vincent Souza, COO Terry Fator Foundation

Words alone can’t describe the smiles, laughter and joy Abba Geebz brings when he visits the children in the hospitals.  Without a doubt he is a true ambassador of Making’em Smile!

Seymour Kazimirski, Make'em Smile Hawaii

Abba Geebz relentless focus on make sure the kids are laughing and taking away new lesson makes him one-of-a-kind especially because of his ability to perform his ventriloquism with his Dinosaurs.

Byron Apo - P.E.R., Elks Lodge Waikiki

For close to 12 years GiBi (Abba Geebz) has been a true gift to helping Surf 4 Hugs events are remembered.  He is an authentic person that just loves to bring laughter to the kids.

Brett Thomas, Surf 4 Hugs